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Сappuccino crystal

Original crystal. Made of epoxy resin with dry flowers, golden leafs.

The crystal has a wide horizons of usage : from an exquisite serving of desserts, a cheese plate for a summer picnic, to a wonderful tray for your jewellery.




Epoxy resin (safe for food contact); dry flowers (more than 10 species)
Each crystal is unique, 100% copy is impossible, with its own 3-dimensional color palette.


Wipe the product with a soft fabric (microfiber for plastic or glass)


Heat treatment not higher than 55 ° C

Avoid contact with alcoholic liquids;

Store away from direct sunlight;

Do not place objects with temperatures above 55 ° C on the crystal


*The photo shows an example of shape and color scheme. 100%  copy is impossible, as each crystal is unique and handmade.


$ 320.00
Available: 1

Ready to dispatch in: 3–5 business days
Country of sender: Russia

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